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Monthly Archives: July 2012

I am in Ireland right now, and yesterday I took a picture of the lichen growing on a wall at a place called Ballycotton.



Hi, my name is Monica and I’m some weird looking bug that lives on a dogwood tree. One day a fat butterfly came up to me while I was flying in the sky. “How would you like to be in the Abnormal Bug Circus?”
“Abnormal?” I asked. “That sounds kinda mean. I dunno.”
“You get paid ten dogwood seeds a show,” the fat butterfly said bribing me. “By the way, I’m Filbert. Filbert Flutterby. If you decide to join the show, here’s my card and chuck a walnut.”
He walked away, his big butt swaying behind him. If I joined the circus and get paid ten dogwood seeds I could grow a dogwood heaven! It would be awesome! “Mr. Flutterby! Wait! I want to join the circus!”
“Ah. Wise decision,” he said turning around to look at me. “Come along abnormal little bug.”
I flew to catch up, but he turned around again and I slammed into his fat swaying tush.

My dad turned on the sprinklers one day, and when he was done I came out to take pictures. I found this poor spider web covered in water droplets!

I took this picture of an opilion, also known as a harvestman, using my iPhone and Olloclip macro lens. On one of its legs, the harvestman has a red mite. I wonder if the mite makes the leg itch…

You can read more about opiliones and mites on Wikipedia.


By the way, this post was written by Becky’s mom. She asked me to share this picture. Hopefully, she will do most of the posting and I’ll just help out occasionally.

Harry Potter Spider

For all of you Harry Potter fans, this may look like the spider that Professor Moody was playing with in the fifth movie. It is quite scary in real life, too.

I took this picture at the blueberry patch. I was tired and needed some shade, and found this spider sitting on a tree. Actually, Jacob found it and I took a picture of it.

We have been watching insects and using our macro lens attachment for the iPod to take pictures and videos of insects. Here is a buddy of ours, Darren the Dragonfly. Darren has a damaged wing and he does not mind when we take pictures and videos. He even climbed on the iPod once.

And here is a really good portrait of Darren, too.