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Monthly Archives: August 2012

My mom and I have been following this fat caterpillar for a while now but he has suddenly disappeared! I think he went into his chrysalis/cocoon. This is a shot of him munching on an afternoon snack. A honeysuckle leaf.




Today I went with my dad an brother to find a little tiny kitten for our home. We picked up just about every cat that wasn’t adopted but none of them were right! Just before we left I spotted a cat we picked up earlier. Her name was Nay Nay. I took her out and she played with my hair and bit her tail. Then she curled up putting and fell asleep. I took this picture while she slept in Jacob’s lap. We take her home tomorrow:)

This messed up flower has a few tangled stamens. It’s like my hair in the morning! The picture focuses on the inside of the flower to show the Tangled Flower!