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Chapter 1


I’m Pepper. I’m not that old but I have a wonderful adventurous home to live in. I was only two months old when I got here. Terrified as I was, the humans still loved me.


Zip! I ran out of the room as fast as my puny legs could cary me. Corner! I spun around as to avoid it. “Get back here!” the girl with the curly hair said. “Hahahahahaha!!” the very tall man with not much hair cackled.


I was hiding underneath some sort of cushion table. I heard the boy say, “She’s under the couch!” So it was called a couch!


All of a sudden, there were four faces peeking under where I was hiding! I stuck out my paw and raced away. The humans were hot on my trail. “Nay-nay get back here!” When the humans first bought me, my name was Nay-nay. “Don’t call her that. We don’t want her answering to that name,” said the short woman with the glasses.


Ugh. Humans are so weird. I don’t care what I’m called. I only answer to tempting noises. Soon the humans gave up and I heard the tall man address the girl as “Rebecca”. Then the boy addressed her as “Becky”. This made no sense!! What do I call her?!  Whatever. I’ll sleep on it. With that I went back to the “couch” and fell asleep.




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