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Dear readers (whatever few readers I have),

Please accept my apology as I have forgotten about this blog. It came to me when I binge watched Ugly Betty and Betty started her own blog. It feels really good to be back on.

My life has been incredibly exciting since I left. I am almost done with the seventh grade and my grades look superb. I’ve been on many field trips and I have a chorus competition this Saturday at Busch Gardens. My Spanish exam is this week and I have three SOL’s coming up. Currently, I am working on a Social Studies project on World War II. My topic is fashion designers and what they did during the war. There is some pretty interesting information! Just seven weeks left in the bumpy school year ride. I can’t wait!

I can’t promise I’ll be on all the time, but I won’t blank out for another year! .

Sincerely, Becky



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