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Over the course of the summer, I kept dreading the upcoming school year more and more. But now that I have met my teachers, I realize that this will probably be the best yet.
My teachers are incredible and intelligent, with the exception of one or two. The projects I have received are fun and my math tracer makes me like math. Some are hilarious while others teach really well.
I love my classes. They are interesting and close to each other. I especially love being a Student Aid in the office. Geometry is super easy. Government is interesting. English is fun. Science is cool. Spanish is simple. Chorus is interactive. It’s all fantastic.
I love seeing my friends. This year, I plan on being closer to all of them. I will miss them so much next year when we all go to different high schools. So, I hope I can be the best friend I ever have.
It’ll be better than the rest of them. Or so I hope. But if it isn’t, I’ll make it work.


IMG_0366Beach by Williamsburg with Jacob, Mom, aunts, uncle, cousins, grandparents, and Bill!

IMG_0083Light show at Baltimore with Dad and Jacob.

IMG_0539Pepper… with her head shoved up Jacob’s lunchbox…

IMG_0904One of my designs!

IMG_1230Massanutten Water Resort with Jacob and Dad.

IMG_0570One of, like, seven snows… here in VIRGINIA

IMG_1188An interesting breakfast in Cupertino with Mom, Jacob, and Bill.

IMG_1199Played with Sumo, the stray cat, with Christian and Jacob.

Dear readers (whatever few readers I have),

Please accept my apology as I have forgotten about this blog. It came to me when I binge watched Ugly Betty and Betty started her own blog. It feels really good to be back on.

My life has been incredibly exciting since I left. I am almost done with the seventh grade and my grades look superb. I’ve been on many field trips and I have a chorus competition this Saturday at Busch Gardens. My Spanish exam is this week and I have three SOL’s coming up. Currently, I am working on a Social Studies project on World War II. My topic is fashion designers and what they did during the war. There is some pretty interesting information! Just seven weeks left in the bumpy school year ride. I can’t wait!

I can’t promise I’ll be on all the time, but I won’t blank out for another year! .

Sincerely, Becky


Chapter 1


I’m Pepper. I’m not that old but I have a wonderful adventurous home to live in. I was only two months old when I got here. Terrified as I was, the humans still loved me.


Zip! I ran out of the room as fast as my puny legs could cary me. Corner! I spun around as to avoid it. “Get back here!” the girl with the curly hair said. “Hahahahahaha!!” the very tall man with not much hair cackled.


I was hiding underneath some sort of cushion table. I heard the boy say, “She’s under the couch!” So it was called a couch!


All of a sudden, there were four faces peeking under where I was hiding! I stuck out my paw and raced away. The humans were hot on my trail. “Nay-nay get back here!” When the humans first bought me, my name was Nay-nay. “Don’t call her that. We don’t want her answering to that name,” said the short woman with the glasses.


Ugh. Humans are so weird. I don’t care what I’m called. I only answer to tempting noises. Soon the humans gave up and I heard the tall man address the girl as “Rebecca”. Then the boy addressed her as “Becky”. This made no sense!! What do I call her?!  Whatever. I’ll sleep on it. With that I went back to the “couch” and fell asleep.



AHHHH!! I’m so glad the first snow is here! I know it’s not a lot but Jacob and I had snowball fights and we failed at snowmen making. It also wasn’t that cold! I ate lots of snow as well. Tasty!


Today I went to a really good sushi restaurant with my dad. It was called SushiO. I got noodles with the vegan roll. It was delicious.


Last night was my winter concert! It was amazing! The eighth graders sang fantastic songs and had marvelous harmonies. We sang creative and child songs.

If you like making comics or just bubbles then you should get bubbsie and instaframe. They are apps that can do stuff. Like this one.


My brother found this ladybug while I was reading outside so I got the lens and took a picture. I moved her to a bush because I didn’t think she was safe