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Where did all the leaves go?!? I know it’s still Fall but still!!!! We still haven’t gotten any snow so my fingers are crossed!!!!!!



I was bored and I was playing a game so I saw my mom’s ring in the counter so…. I took a picture and here it is!!!


My mom taught me this really cool way to draw but you have to be patient and and you have to draw lightly to be able to do this. Start by coloring in a line for a while until it’s dark. Then you keep going down but making it lighter and lighter. When you curve inward you HAVE to make it darker in the crevices. This is my first masterpiece!!!


My mom and I just finished making a delicious batch of Bettie Crocker cookies with raspberry M&M’s. They taste SO good!


I was waiting for the Phantom of the Opera to start when my mom and I walked into a vintage store called Bygones. We come here all the time and this is something you might see there.

She’s grown up so much!!

When I found this spider it was obviously sitting on its web but from far away it looks like it’s floating. The spider scared me!!

My mom found this chunk of moss sitting at the opening of a mile tunnel. It was still wet when she found it.


20120919-174838.jpg For all of you Star Trek fans try to find this road somewhere in Pittsburg. Here’s a clue. It’s near the Andy Warhol Museum.

My mom and I have been following this fat caterpillar for a while now but he has suddenly disappeared! I think he went into his chrysalis/cocoon. This is a shot of him munching on an afternoon snack. A honeysuckle leaf.